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The Mysterious world of Gemstones

They are one of the most precious gifts given by nature to human, each gemstone has a different frequency of reflection and so is effect of rays passing from it when worn. Correct Gemstone suggestion for specific problem can work better than any medicine in this world. Here at we have widest range of gemstones which are closely examined and selected by our expert gemologist and astrologers for best astrological results.

Select from most exclusive collection of Birth-Stones ever, to live a problem free, happier & prosperous life.


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  • Amethyst(Average Quality Cabochon)
    Rs.100.00 Rs.25.00
    Rs.100.00 Rs.50.00
  • Citrine (Average Quality)
    Rs.100.00 Rs.50.00
  • Lapis Lazuli
    Rs.100.00 Rs.50.00
  • Malachite
    Rs.100.00 Rs.50.00
  • Quartz
    Rs.100.00 Rs.50.00
  • Onyx
    Rs.100.00 Rs.50.00
  • Indian Hessonite (Average Quality)
    Rs.150.00 Rs.70.00
  • Carnelian
    Rs.300.00 Rs.100.00
  • Indian Ruby (Average Quality)
    Rs.200.00 Rs.100.00
  • Chinese Pearl (Medium Quality)
    Rs.200.00 Rs.100.00
  • African Hessonite (Average Quality)
    Rs.150.00 Rs.100.00
  • Garnet
    Rs.200.00 Rs.125.00
  • Iolite (Average Quality)
    Rs.225.00 Rs.125.00
  • Moon Stone
    Rs.225.00 Rs.125.00